Liposuction For Men

Plastic surgery has long been associated with women since they have the reputation of being conscious about their appearances. This link will take you to NHS Heroes where you can buy acid reflux tablets in the UK in recent years, however, liposuction for men seems to be gaining popularity and the number of male patients has steadily been on the rise. Either men are becoming more conscious about their looks or they have always been conscious but are only recently deciding to do something about it.

Treatments Requested

Whatever the case might be, liposuction is becoming an increasingly common choice for men and there are interesting distinctions in the type of requests from male versus female patients. The areas that men will want treated are limited to very predictable areas of the body. Because they can easily increase muscle in the arms and legs to provide the sculpted definition desired. Treating areas like the arms or legs is almost exclusively a female thing.

The common treatment areas for male liposuction patients include the back, chest, face, stomach and flanks or “love handles”. These are areas that are particularly difficult to lose fat through dieting and to sculpt with exercise and muscle building.

Liposuction For The Face

Facial liposuction can produce a slimmer and often more chiseled face while enhancing some feature generally regarded as masculine and attractive. Most common areas of the face to receive laser lipo are in the chin, the neck, and the jowls. It is effective in removing or reducing a double chin or eliminating unsightly neck rolls. The heat generated from the laser also causes the skin to contract resulting in tighter, younger looking skin as a side effect.

Men With Gynecomastia

The chest, however, is a more special because liposuction is used to treat some cases of gynecomastia. This is a condition in which a man’s breasts are larger than usual due to any number of causes. It can be glandular growth caused by hormonal imbalance or simply the accumulation of excess fatty tissue.

Any physician, including your plastic surgeon, can make the diagnosis to determine whether the condition is caused by glandular growth or fat. If it is the result of fat accumulation, chest liposuction is a very effective solution. For cases where the growth is glandular and hormonal, liposuction is not a solution but there are other types of treatment.

Cost Differences

Several factors cause the cost of male liposuction to generally be higher than comparable treatments for female patients. First, men are typically larger in size than their female counterparts so any treatment area will be larger. The fat cells in a male body are more fibrous than in a female making it tougher to break down and remove. Both of these factors increase the amount of time and effort required of a liposuction surgeon which increases the price.

The areas that are treatment with liposuction for men are also the areas of the body that contain the toughest fat cells. Overall, the cost for a male patient tends to be higher because men choose areas that contain fat cells that are the most fibrous and hardest to eliminate. Meanwhile, women might have treatment in areas such as the arms or legs where fat is more easily removed. All these factors come together in a pattern that shows the psychological and physical differences between male and female patients.