Nose Job – Achieving A Proportional Face

Dr Tavakoli Nose Job

The nose is a very sensitive part of the face and even though it is an important part of the respiratory system, it also plays the role of making the face look attractive. Many people are increasingly seeking better looking nose in order to enhance their facial appearance. A nose job procedure is designed to reshape the nose and give it the desired shape to increase attractiveness and allow the patient to breathe better.


There are different procedures a cosmetic surgeon can use to conduct a nose job. The technique the surgeon will use will depend on the end result you want to achieve. The procedures can be conducted by use of local or general anesthesia. The surgeon can either use an open or closed technique. With the open procedure, the surgeon will make all the incisions outside your nose while with the closed procedure, all the cuts will be made inside your nose.

In order to reshape the nose, the cosmetic surgeon will make the required cuts on the nose and will raise the soft tissue in order to reach the bone and cartilage. The surgeon may then break the bone and reshape it or simply reshape the cartilage.


Rhinoplasty Dr TavakoliYou will probably be ready to go home within an hour of the surgery. You will need to wear a splint over your nose in the first week to protect the nose during recovery. Usually, the stitches used inside the nose are absorbed and will not need removal. If there are removable stitches outside the nose, the surgeon will advise you on when they are due for removal.

You may also experience some swelling around the eyes and the face may feel puffy, especially during the first two days. These will normally subside from the third day onwards. You can resume your normal daily activities within two to three weeks, but strenuous activity should be avoided until you are completely healed.

Why a nose job

A nose job can help in correcting several nose issues. The size of the nose can be changed in order to give the face proper balance, while any bumps or depressions on the nose that are noticeable can be straightened out. If the tip of the nose is too big, it can be reduced, and if it is drooping, it can be raised to the desired position. Nostrils that are too large can also be reduced to a normal-looking size. If the airways of the patient’s nose are obstructed, then the surgeon will need to carefully correct the deviated septum in order to free the airway and allow the patient to breathe with ease.

Doctor’s appointment

Dr Tavakoli Nose Job RhinoplastyBefore you make the decision to get a nose job, it is important to talk to your cosmetic surgeon so you have all the information you need. Dr Tavakoli is a very experienced cosmetic surgeon who has a great track record for successful nose jobs. You can make an appointment with him to discuss what you do not appreciate about your nose and what you would like your nose to look like.

The Nose Job and Its Secrets



The nose is an essential part of the cosmetic aspect of a person and any anomaly receives unwanted attention instantly. The nose is a key element of the facial harmony. The most important goal of a nose job is to deliver a nose that functions at its top parameters and it’s also aesthetic.

Therefore, the patients will look for a plastic surgeon due to an aesthetical reason, a functional reason or mixed reasons. There are patients that have respiratory problems and this surgery can help them breathe better. In addition, some patients are motivated by the fact that they don’t like the aspect of their nose.

The First Conversation

RkThe fist consultation is destined to set a communication line between the doctor and the patient to determine whether that person is a good candidate for this surgery. This is the time when there are discussed many aspects: the former nasal pathology is taken into consideration and the doctor examines the nose. The doctor will want to know what the patient expects from this surgery, along with his desires. The patient will know by the end of the conversation what are the risks of this surgery, what the intervention is, how it takes place, what are the machines used for this intervention and what are the possibilities for this surgery.

The doctor must tell the patient what his problems are, along with the details about them. This is because the patient needs to understand perfectly the steps of the intervention. Keep in mind that the nose is what mostly defines the facial features of a person, so it doesn’t need to be changed completely, as you don’t want to become a completely new person.

Types of Rhinoplasty

nose-reshaping-surgeryA common practice during this intervention is lifting the tip of the nose, because, during our life, the tip of the nose is sagging with about 1cm. This surgery is usually done under a general anesthesia to offer comfort for both the patient and the surgeon.  The open type of the surgery is sometimes preferred because it offers the possibility to see the complete anatomy of the nose and allows for an exact diagnostic for the cause of the nasal obstruction. The closed type of surgery for the nose job is usually used for those patients who need just an aesthetic surgery.

What Comes Next

Based on different factors, the surgery can be made in 1 hour or in 3 hours. It depends on each patient, because each case is different, the complexity of the intervention, but it also depends on the surgeon. After the surgery, a splint is placed there, made of gypsum or metal, to sustain the nose for a week. There is one aspect that is not pleasant – all the patients will have bruises and edemas on their face, near the nose and near the eyes for at least 2 or 3 weeks. Of course, the degree to which these extend differs from patient to patient. There will be no pain, but there will be a breathing discomfort for the same period of time.

rihanna-nose-job-doctorThe patient can resume his daily activities after 2 weeks, but one cannot do physical workout for at least one month after the surgery. The final results will be seen after 6 months or 1 year after the surgery. Some patients will require a second intervention for a minimal retouch.

The best time for this surgery is in the spring and during the autumn, while the winter is avoided because the temperature is too low. Keep in mind that this surgery can be combined with other aesthetical interventions, like a facial lifting.

Don’t worry if there seems too much to know. A good surgeon will explain all the process so that you understand what it’s all about.

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